Are Your Clients Struggling To Lose Weight? Maybe It's Not Your Program, Maybe It's Their PHYSIOLOGY!

In just 2 minutes, the video below will teach you the most important factor
for successful fat loss in all diet and exercise programs.

Researchers can now predict who will lose weight and who won’t
A recent study was presented at the annual American Diabetes Association conference that anyone trying to lose weight needs to hear. Researchers told the audience that they were able to predict which participants would lose weight, and which wouldn’t, during a low calorie diet. How were they able to do this?  Researchers simply tested participants blood prior to the study.  By looking at basic blood chemistry markers, researchers could predict which subjects would be destined to fail during the low calorie diet.  Even worse, they knew who would regain their weight after the diet was over. This results of this study are clear – how well your client’s body works on the inside will determine how much weight they will lose on your diet and exercise program.

The one critical factor missing from almost ALL diet and exercise programs
No one would argue that following a good diet and exercise program is necessary for weight loss.  What is not talked about however, is the fact that your client’s physiology dictates how well a your diet and exercise program will work for them.  In other words, how well their body works on the inside determines how well your diet and exercise program will work for them on the outside. To put it even more simply, the better and healthier they are on the inside, the easier it is for them to lose weight following your a diet and exercise program. Take a look at the videos below and I’ll show you what I mean.

A Sneak Peak . . .

Here are a few video clips taken directly from the Fat Is Not Your Fault program. You will receive access to over 10 hours of videos just like these.

The Hormone Fat-Loss Connection

Here’s the final summary of the discussion about the female hormone cycle, as well as the beginning of the many defects that are possible with female hormones . . .

The Gut Fat-Loss Connection

Learn about leaky gut and how it can negatively impact the body . . .

The Cellular Fat-Loss Connection

Here is a short summary of how certain metabolic issues can cause a decrease in energy production in all the cells of your body . . .

The Story of Two Identical Twins
Imagine two genetically identical twins who do everything together.  They eat the exact same diet, follow the exact same exercise program and live the exact same lives.  Everything is literally the same – calories, workouts, sleep – but one of the twins has a problem with their physiology, like maybe their thyroid gland. Which one will have a harder time losing weight? Obviously the one with the imbalance. But it doesn’t just have to be the thyroid, it could be a hormone imbalance, digestive issue, neurotransmitter imbalance, blood sugar issue, toxicity exposure or more. The better your client’s body works on the inside, the better results they’ll get from your diet and exercise program on the outside.
The world doesn’t need another diet book
At last count, there are over 20,000 diet books on There is obviously no shortage of information and to be honest, most of the information in diet books is simply repackaged information with a few new gimmicks to make it seem fresh and unique.  But even with all those diet books people are having a harder time losing weight than ever before. Maybe it is not your diet and exercise program that is not working, maybe it’s them.

What The Experts Are Saying

“Dr. Bryan Walsh is my go-to guy. His knowledge of human physiology and biochemistry is exceptional. His system of testing for – and correcting – physiological disturbances is second to none. On top of this, he’s a great guy that really cares for his patients. Seriously, Dr Walsh is the real deal. And I highly recommend his programs.”
Dr. John Berardi | Faculty Member, University of Texas | President, Precision Nutrition
“Dr Bryan Walsh has been on my personal advisory panel for a long time. I believe in using every advantage there is to help my clients (and myself) and naturopathic medicine has always been part of my approach. Dr Walsh knows his information inside and out — but more importantly knows how to APPLY the topic and help real people get better, faster results. Make sure you have him on your radar!”
Alwyn Cosgrove | Owner of Results Fitness Training

“Bryan is the expert that experts turn to.  What had been “I don’t know” is now “let’s go talk to doc Walsh.”  From GI health, to adrenal function, to body comp to performance to everything between, being able to bring Bryan in has been a boon for troubleshooting and optimizing.”
Carter Schoffer | Body Transformation Inc.

Fat Is Not Your Fault was discovered by accident
I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that long ago that I believed a good diet and exercise program was all anyone needed to lose weight. But then in my practice seeing patients, I started to notice something. My wife and I run a natural medicine practice and patients come to us for help with their migraines, hormone imbalances,  digestive complains, skin issues, diabetes, high cholesterol and more. We know the value of losing weight, but rarely start people with a diet and exercise program. Instead, we’re more interested in correcting their physiology. And you know what we found? Almost every time we fix someone’s physiology, they lose weight without following a weight loss program. Sometimes it’s only a couple pounds while other times patients may lose as many as 10 or 15 pound in a month. Not by going on a diet or exercise program, but by correcting their physiology. This is when I realized our physiology has a larger impact on weight loss than diet and exercise alone. And that is how Fat Is Not Your Fault was born – watching people lose weight simply by fixing their physiology.

When it comes to weight loss, there are no quick-fixes, magic supplements, or “Secrets your doctor doesn’t want you to know about”
If you are interested in a fast way to help your clients shed a few pounds, you might want to look somewhere else. This information will not teach you the latest weight-loss gimmick, repackaged fat-loss routine, or “secret” to help them lose weight, because there aren’t any. The truth is, there are no secrets to fat loss.  To lose weight you must eat right, exercise and make sure your physiology is working correctly. If any of those are missing, weight loss is a lot more difficult. The information in Fat Is Not Your Fault is for trainers interested in bringing their business and their clients to the next level.

What Health and Fitness Professionals Are Saying

Don’t let the course title fool you into thinking it’s just about fat loss because this is the most in-depth and well explained program on functional physiology you could imagine.  Dr. Walsh does a fantastic job of systematically explaining all areas of physiology and endocrinology including the overlaps of all systems of the body. The course is literally like going through a graduate program…I have actually watched all of the videos 3 times and can tell you it’s completely worth what you would pay for grad school.” (D. Maresca)

“It’s a masterpiece, I think it’s awesome. I run my own training facility in the UK and I ensure all of my trainers purchase it when they join me. I will be opening a new facility soon and it will be an essential part of my trainers education.” (M. Coles)

“The Fat is Not Your Fault Program is extraordinary in that Dr. Walsh teaches you the overall picture of fat loss and all the little pieces that make up the whole of fat loss.  I own and operate an exclusive gym and am putting on a fat loss seminar next month and I will be using much of what Dr. Walsh has taught me in his modules.  This course cuts right to the point and will literally save you hours and hours of your own research and it will save you tons in terms of investing in your own health!” (K. Newell)

“I can’t tell you how much the info in the videos is opening my eyes to things I simply didn’t know to consider for many of my clients who are trying to lose weight, gain energy, etc.   Knowledge is indeed power and I am definitely feeling more empowered to assist my clients.” (L. Anderson)

“I watched your video and really enjoyed the “old school” whiteboard presentation. Since I am an old schooler it was nice to see a person talking to you and writing on the board – just like when I went to school! You were very clear, concise, and made a potentially difficult subject easy to understand. I would recommend your video to any of my interested clients! Thank you for sharing!” (K. Carriker)

“Love the videos. As someone with a good background with this stuff (Exercise Science, Certified PN Nutrition Coach) I learned a few things. The diagrams were especially helpful as well.” (M. Shields)

“Loved the videos. Especially loved the glucose tolerance graphing and the stages of insulin resistance. You are a great teacher.” (T. Ganem)

“Clearly you put a lot of work into this, it is very detailed video and quite informative.  I’ll have to watch it another 2-3 times to make sure I get all the info down.  Great work.” (P. Gagnon)

“This is fantastic, Dr. Walsh. Helps give tools to verbally describe insulin issues to my clients, and boy do I have a lot of them.” (G. Hill)

You do a great job of breaking a complex into an understandable and manageable subject.” (E. Bollock)

“I specifically like the simplicity with which you present these complex topics. I’ve not seen that done by anyone else at the moment.” (A. Chaperon)

This program is for trainers who want to learn more about the body and take their training to the next level.
If you are dedicated to learning as much as you can about the human body and the underlying reasons your clients might not be losing weight, you have come to the right place. In fact you have come to the only place – you’d have to spend countless hours and potentially read hundreds of books and websites to find all the information contained here. I have spend years, countless hours, thousands of dollars and endless research putting this information together. There is truly no cap in how valuable this information can be to you.

What Is Included In The Fat Is Not Your Fault Program


  • Insulin Fat-Loss Connection: Blood sugar issues are reaching epidemic proportions, even in seemingly healthy people, and will sabotage any attempts at weight loss.  This video covers blood sugar handing, the role of insulin, how insulin works and what can go wrong in this system.  You will also learn how blood sugar dysregulation can negatively impact health, as well as fat loss.  You will learn how to evaluate if blood sugar mismanagement is an issue for you as well as what to do about it. The supplementary materials that come with this video summarizes the information in the video and covers the many different nutritional supplements that may help correct an underlying blood sugar issue.
  • Cortisol Fat-Loss Connection: Today’s modern lifestyle has created additional stressors on our physiology that we’ve yet to see in human history.  Imbalanced cortisol production can contribute to numerous health issues, as well as causing a difficulty losing weight.  This video covers all elements of adrenal function, including whether the concept of “adrenal fatigue” is real or not.  You will learn ways of evaluating adrenal function and cortisol production, as well as how to correct certain imbalances nutritionally.  Supplementary materials and resources are included to help navigate through the many different adrenal supplements available today.
  • Gut Fat-Loss Connection: Proper functioning of the digestive system is critical for overall health, including the ability to lose weight.  This video will discuss how the digestive system works, possible defects in the system, and many different simple yet effective nutritional strategies to improve your digestive system today.  You’ll also learn about the single most important dietary change you can make that will not only improve your digestive system, but the health of your entire body.
  • Thyroid Fat-Loss Connection: The thyroid gland makes hormones that are directly responsible for our metabolism and ability to easily lose weight.  This video will not only teach you how they thyroid gland works, but the many different factors involved in thyroid hormone function and where defects in that system can occur.  You will learn how to evaluate your own thyroid hormone blood work, as well as strategies on how to nutritionally correct the many different defects that can make weight loss difficult.
  • Hormone Fat-Loss Connection: Hormones are a hot topic today, but most people are completely misinformed about how hormones really work.  This video will teach you everything you need to know about hormones, how they are made, how they are converted, and the most effective way of evaluating your hormone levels.  The many different defects in hormone physiology are discussed, as well as nutritional strategies for each defect.
  • Toxicity Fat-Loss Connection: Today’s world is toxic, and our liver is taking the brunt of these unfortunate trends.  Certain toxins have been directly associated with obesity and the inability to easily lose weight.  This video discusses how the liver and detoxifcation pathways work, how you can limit your toxin exposure on a daily basis and perhaps most importantly, how improve your ability to eliminate toxins from you body so they cannot damage your ability to lose weight.
  • Immune Fat-Loss Connection: Few people consider their immune system in their pursuit of health and weight loss.  However, the immune system is one of the most potent and involved systems in the body and when the immune system is out of balance, nothing else in the body works correctly.This video covers the intricacies of immune system, how it works, what molecules are involved, what can happen when your immune system is not working correctly and most importantly, how to improve it’s function.
  • Brain Fat-Loss Connection –
    The chemical messengers in our brain, called neurotransmitters, can impact everything from our will-power, to food cravings, to how we perceive stress, to how well we sleep, and to feelings of satiety after a meal.  This video covers the primary neurotransmitters involved with food cravings, how these brain chemicals work, how they can become imbalanced, and what to do nutritionally to optimize levels of these important chemical messengers in our brain.
  • Cellular Fat-Loss Connection: At our very core, we are made up of hundreds of trillions of cells.  Therefore if we have issues at the cellular level, nothing in our body will work at it’s optimal potential.  This video covers how cells work, what nutrients they need for health and what can go wrong at a basic level if cells are not getting the nutrients they need.  Strategies on how to evaluate cellular function as well as nutritional protocols to improve the functioning of our cells are provided.
  • Mind/Body Fat-Loss Connection: The mind is arguably the most powerful tool we have, yet many of us may be sabotaging our ability to lose weight simply by having the wrong thoughts.  This video covers some compelling studies that demonstrate just how powerful the mind can be in how the body functions, including our ability to lose weight.  Basics on improving the mind/body connection are also discussed.
  • Putting It All Together: Once you have watched all the videos in the Fat Is Not Your Fault series, this video gives you step-by-step instructions to take to start improving your health, and ability to lose weight, today.  Weight loss does not happen overnight, but if you systematically improve your health using tangible, effective and scientifically-proven principles, you greatly improve your chance of achieving the body you desire.
  • “The Missing Fat Loss Manuscript” Fat Is Not Your Fault manual: This is the book that started it all.  It covers the top 10 physiological systems that if not working properly, will make fat loss difficult.  This manual provides you with a broad overview of all 10 systems, how they work, and what can go wrong.  It is recommended that you start the Fat Is Not Your Fault course by reading through this manual to provide you with an general idea of how everything works.  This will provide you with an important level of information before diving into the videos.
  • Fat Loss Resistance Assessment Form (PDF) and Interpretation Guide (mp3): The Fat Loss Resistance Assessment Form is a detailed system-by-system questionnaire to help you determine what physiological imbalances in you are the highest priority.  It also includes a chart to help you visually see which systems in you are the highest priority, and which are probably working well.  The Audio Interpretation guide walks you step-by-step through each section of the questionnaire so that you can fully understand how to evaluate the results.

YES! I want to receive the entire Fat Is Not Your Fault program, including all future videos, materials and updates, for only $297.

Discover The Hidden Factors Keeping Client’s From Burning Fat
The truth is, there are many factors why a person can’t burn fat like someone else.  It has just as much to do with a person’s physiology as much as it does diet and exercise, and perhaps more so. This is why two people can follow the exact same diet and exercise program, but achieve completely different results. If you’re looking for fad weight loss program that is going to transform your client’s body overnight, you probably want to look somewhere else.  Don’t expect Fat Is Not Your Fault to be a quick-fix weight loss program or some “secret” diet that is so-called “guaranteed” to burn fat fast. That’s not what I’m offering and quite frankly, it wouldn’t work because most fad diets and exercise programs are nothing but hype designed to get your money and your client’s time. I’ll be honest, the information in Fat Is Not Your Fault is the missing link in the weight loss industry.

Bonus Material!
How To Interpret Your Blood Chemistry

This bonus material alone is easily worth the cost of the course.  In the “How To Interpret Your Blood Chemistry” manual and video, you will learn:

  • Why the standard laboratory reference range on blood work is great for assessing disease, but useless at evaluating health
  • Optimal Reference Ranges and why they are superior at showing you how healthy you are today
  • Where to get your own, inexpensive blood work (in the US) without needing to go to a doctor.  You order the test and you get the results.*

And most importantly:

  • I walk you through, step-by-step, how to evaluate your blood chemistry results for possible blood sugar issues, thyroid issues, adrenal gland dysfunction, oxygen deliverability issues, and digestive issues – all which can negatively impact weight loss.

*International customers: If you have your own blood work, conversions of each marker are provided so you can use your lab results with this program.

Get instant, lifetime access to Fat Is Not Your Fault materials, including all future updates and videos, for a low, one-time fee

Once you purchase the course, you’ll get immediate access to the course content via a password-protected website. No waiting for the DVD or printed course to arrive or dealing with shipping hassles. Even better, as an owner you’ll have lifetime access to all future updates of the content and bonuses, as well as exclusive offers for other products and services.

  • The Fat Is Not Your Fault manual (100+ pages) that covers the top 10 systems that must be working correctly for optimal weight loss.
  • The Fat Loss Resistance Assessment Form (PDF) and Audio Interpretation Guide (mp3) to help you determine which systems in you may be causing the greatest obstacle to fat loss
  • Eleven (11) Fat Is Not Your Fault videos (over 10 hours) covering each physiological system that must be working correctly for fat loss, what can happen when each system is not working well, how to evaluate each system yourself, and how to correct imbalances nutritionally.
  • Supplementary Information and Resource Guides are found for each video offering you even more information on where to get testing, which supplement work and which don’t, and general nutritional recommendations for each physiological system.
  • Bonus: How to Interpret Your Blood Chemistry guide to help walk you through the basics at evaluating basic physiological imbalances that can be found on standard blood work.  (Note: This does not replace evaluation by a licensed medical doctor and you should never attempt to diagnose or treat any medical conditions without first consulting with your doctor.)
  • You will also receive Lifetime Access to these materials, which means that any additional videos and materials that are added will be available to you free of charge.

Receive the entire Fat Is Not Your Fault program, including all future videos, materials and updates, for only $297.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the content contained within this course within 60 days of the purchase, you are entitled to a full 100 percent refund.
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